Yevgeny Ivanov is a self-taught photographer with a background in graphic design. Currently based in Moscow, Russia. Was born in Siberia, not far from the lake Baikal, in the middle of impassable Taiga.

Selected clients and publications:

TASS Russian News Agency, Apple, Porsche, Adidas, Huawei, Swatch, Disney Russia, Heineken, Gazprom, Pulkovo International Airport, KitKat, Rambler, Group, Interview Magazine Russia, Kommersant,, iGNANT, PÚBLICO, Afisha Magazine, FURFUR, Designcollector, American Modern Books, New Holland.


Nature, Scandinavian movie, black color, traveling, Helvetica, electronic music, BMW E30, New York, film photography, paper, Soviet constructivism, number 27, cold water, truth.

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